Tuesday, May 24, 2016

End of the Year Video Tutorial-Without Burning CDs

I wanted to make a movie for my families, but I did not want to put it on CDs! I hate burning CDs and I just did not have the time! So, I decided to go the easy way and use the good ole google drive! Here is a quick step by step tutorial on how to do this the EASY way! (you teachers need to be easier on yourselves and take some short cuts)

First add all of your pictures! I like to keep mine in a file all year and just drop the file right into there! I also bought five songs from iTunes and added that in! 
We went with:
1. We Are Going to be Friends by Jack Johnson
2. Count on You by Bruno Mars
3. Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift
4. Happy by Pharrell Williams 

Add the pictures and music to the reel! Put them in the order of the school year and play around with the music so it fits just right! (By right click you can bring up the trimmer which allows you to trim your music)!
Let's be honest, this is my least favorite part. I hate playing around with the music, but once your done your done!

Hit the share button and click file! I always save it right on my desktop, so it is easy to find. It will take a while for this to load! So, go grab a dessert and turn on the Netflix while you wait! ;)

When you are on your google drive, click the red button that says "New"! Then, click add file and find your file in your documents. This takes about double the time as the last one. To upload mine it took 2 hours! :0!!!! So, at this time you may want to grab the entire container of ice cream and find a good movie. ;)

Click the share button on your file! It is the little half person with a plus sign. Then, you click the get shareable link button and you get a link that you can use to access the video. Make sure that it states that anyone with the link can view. (that is super important, so don't skip that step)
Then, copy and paste that super long link!

I like to use QRstuff.com! It is easy and free! All you do is go to the website, paste that super long link, and download your QR code!!! 
I also suggest go to bit.ly and pasting your super long link and making it shorter! This is not a step you have to do, but it makes it easier to put on your card!

Then, get on powerpoint and add your QR code and link to the card. 
I added a cute picture of our class to the card too! I like to laminate mine, so that they stay in nice conditions for the families!

If you want to use my card you can grab the editable version here! (You will have to download it in PowerPoint or make a copy in Google Presentation) 

I made a little note at the bottom that said, "Families, by scanning the QR code or typing the link into your computer you are able to view our end of the year video! Enjoy watching your child grow all year long!"

Then, you are done! Your parents can access the video forever and you don't have to burn CDs!!! Plus, this is easier for most families! I also can keep all my links and QR codes safety in case I need to watch it and cry some more over the summer! ;)


  1. I didn't have the option to share as a file in step 3. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Can you email it to yourself? If that doesn't work you can also add it on to Vimeo instead of using google drive. If either of those don't work email me at thefriendlyteach@gmail.com and I will see if I can help!

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  3. Hi! Would you mind sharing your card you send home with the qr code and link? Thanks!!

  4. What fonts did you use for the QR card that you sent home? Thanks!

    1. KG Shake it Off and KG Janda Script!