Saturday, September 3, 2016

Daily 5 Organization Binder

In my school, we use daily 5 for reading instruction. I set up daily 5 a little bit different. I teach third grade and there is just so much to fit in! When I was trying to fit in all daily 5 rotations a day I was not getting to the important stuff and I was not having enough time with my students. So, I do one rotation a day for 20-30 minutes. The students do each rotations for daily 5 once a week and they meet with me once a week.

Since I only see each group once a week I needed a good way to organize what we are doing! That is where the daily 5 binder came along!! I plan for my small groups in the binder and then I just grab the binder whenever I need something!

First, you have to have an adorable binder cover! Grab these covers for FREE here!

Then, I have a folder for each group. The folder is the color that I call their group. Inside the folder I keep any papers that we will need when they come to me that week, books they will need, or any extra supplies just that group needs. This makes it easy because I just flip to their folder and am instantly ready for what we are learning in that group!

Each group also has a set of small group planning sheets. I like to plan up to four lessons at a time. Even if we are doing different skills each lesson, it is nice to have it planned out ahead of time. I use these small group planning sheets to plan out each group. Then, once it is planned it goes in my binder and I don't have to think about it again until I pull that group!

I like to keep group note sheets in each folder, as well. I take notes on students that have mastered skills or need help. I also have a quick running record area if I need to take notes on a student!

The last thing I keep in my daily 5 binder is for my students. On Monday, I have students fill out these sheets so they know where they go all week. I find if they just fill it out on Monday the rest of the week goes much smoother! (I have group sheets for if you do 3 or 5 rotations a day, as well)

With this binder, my daily 5 session each day goes so much smoother! I hope some of these planning sheets come in handy! Grab all the planning sheets for FREE here!


  1. I'm so excited to use this in my classroom this year. Thanks for sharing :)

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