Thursday, September 29, 2016

Word Work for Upper Elementary

When I was planning word work for my kiddos, I was struggling to find things that were upper elementary. I wanted students to practice their vocabulary words while thinking and analyzing each word. My other goal was to have my students completely independent. I have learned that to create completely independent children in daily 5 you need to have it overly organized and teach them well.

My organization of daily 5 comes in the form of my favorite 10 drawer orginizer. Each drawer has a different option in them for the kids. Every week I provide 3 spelling options and 3 vocabulary options in word work. The writing options are also provided in my 10 drawer cart. (yes one is falling off) #teacherlife These cart labels come from Miss West's Best!

The students are trained to grab a drawer out of the cart and begin working. For spelling, I truly just provide blocks, stamps, etc. to help them practice their words. They know they can only do spelling once a week because I want them to focus more on vocabulary.

For vocabulary,  I put out a card that gives them instructions and, if needed, a recording sheet. Students have to read the directions and work with a partner or alone to practice their words.

Students work on many different things that require higher level thinking.  The different ideas they work on include:
1. Synonyms and Antonyms
2. Creating pictures for their partner to guess
3. Make a story up using all their vocabulary words in the right context
4. Create a sort of their words using different categories
5. Creating questions that use their vocabulary words
6. Creating an online presentation using their vocabulary words
7. Researching and creating the shades of meaning for their words
8. Creating sentences where they leave their vocabulary word out and having their partner guess their word
9. Making connections with their words
10. Working with analogies and their words
11. Playing guess my word with clues
12. Create a four square map with the definition, sentence, picture, and example
13. Playing 20 questions
14. Acting out their words
15. Creating flash cards and reviewing them
16. Creating a image that shows their word and everything that reminds them of their word

By working on these activities they gain a more deep understanding of the word and they are independent.

If you would like to test out some of these activities here is a FREEBIE for you to try! If you would like to use the entire activity check it out here!

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