Monday, October 10, 2016

Data Binders in the Early Elementary Classroom

Tracking goals has become a huge part of my classroom this year. Students have proven that they are more intrinsically motivated when they set goals for themselves and attempt to reach them. We set goals for everything and so far it has changed the look of my classroom.

We use a data binder to keep track of all the goals. In our data binder there is the following sheets:
1. A fluency graph so that they can graph their cold, warm, and hot reads.
2. A math graph so that they can graph a goal score for their math test and then their actual score.
3. A spelling graph so that they can graph their goal score and their actual score.
4. A vocabulary graph so that they can graph their goal score and their actual score.
5. A math test data sheet so that they can write their pre-test and actual test scores and then track their improvement through each chapter.
6. Color sheets to keep track of their AR points

7. W.O.W. Goals Sheet-Each week they make one goal for themselves that will be up on the wall for everyone to see. This is called their "Within One Week" goal. They work all week to achieve that goal and they keep track of that in their binder.

8. 1-on-1 Goal Sheet- If I work with students 1-on-1 in reading they keep this sheet in their binder to keep track of what we do in our sessions. It also is good to help them to set a goal of where they want to be when we are done working!

9. Book Recommendations- If a student reads a book that they enjoy they write it in their book recommendations. Then, if a student is looking for a book to read I send them to a friend and that friend shows them their recommendations. This helps the students keep track of the books they read and helps me so that they can help each other find good books!

Every Friday, we create new goals for the next week, chart all of our tests that we took that week, and  look at our progress. The binder is sent home for the parents to sign. The parents have really bought into the goal setting and help the students create strong goals!

We use Super Improver, a whole brain teaching idea, to keep track of our goals. Each time a student meets their goal they gain a "Super Improver Star". Then, once they earn ten stars they move up on the Super Improver Wall. This system has been extremely intrinsically motivating for all my students.

Grab all of these data tracking pages for FREE here! I hope that this will help your students rock the goals like it has mine!

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