Thursday, April 13, 2017

How to Use Google Forms in the Classroom

I love Google! We have Google Chrome Books in our classroom and we LOVE it! One of my favorite ways is to use Google Quizzes which is a step off of  Google Forms. It is great because not only do you take the quiz on the computer so you don't have to  copy, but it will grade it all for you and then give it the results right back to the student! It is such an amazing way to assess that truly is more engaging to students. 

Google Forms does all my assessment work for me! Google forms is a Google tool that allows you to quickly make an assessment, send it to your students, and look at their responses one by one! There is no paper, the kids enjoy it more, and it is quick and easy. The students don't even have to have google accounts to do the forms!! They just need a computer and your link!

Here are some examples of what your kiddos will see once you put the form together. They fill it out and it is quick and painless! Plus, there are so many designs you can also make it CUTE! 
Yes, I just said it that it is painless and cute!!!! 

I love to use this for discussion questions for book clubs. The students will read their assigned chapters for the week and then when they are done they will go quick and answer the questions on the form. They bring the form to their next meeting for quick and easy discussion points!

Another way we use Google Forms is for Quizzes. The students will take the quiz online after they are done with their assigned reading for our whole class novel studies. It will grade it and I will record the grade and print it for their parents, if needed. If you read the Lemonade War or Stone Fox I already have all the quizzes made for you! Check it out by clicking the link here!

I am going to run your through very quickly how you set up a form! Then, you are going to go out right now and make a million assessments and never go to the copier again, sound good? :) 

First, you go to Google Forms and create a new form!
If you want a quiz instead of a form then you are going to hit the setting circle at the top and click quizzes. From there you will hit make it a quiz. You can assign point values and create an answer key!

When you choose your style you add a title and start adding questions! There are so many question choices.  You can make them type or just do all multiple choice, it's your call!

On the side there are lots of options. The plus sign is what you click to add a new question. You can download picture or videos to add to your question. Sometimes, I have my kiddos watch a video and then respond to what they thought of it!! You can do your own pictures and videos or add them right off of google! That last button on the sides lets you add different sections if you want to! The possibilities are endless!

Up at the top you can change the theme! They have tons and tons of fun and cute themes or you can add pictures that you have on your computer! It takes 2.2 seconds and it is adorable. (unless you are like me and will spend an hour scrolling through the screen to find the perfect one that your kids won't care about anyways)! Click the eyeball to preview the document and the send button to send it!
You can share it with your students if they have google accounts or when you hit send it will give you a link that you just give to your students! They even let you shorten the link. EASY! The students click the link, take the quiz, and hit send!

After your students have taken the quiz you will receive their responses. You can look at their responses individually or as a summary! If you want, you can download it into an excel sheet for easy grading! I find it easiest to just look at kids one by one and add their grade to the grade book! SO SIMPLE! The only downfall is giving them feedback! I typically will call them up while I am grading if we need to discuss or send them a chat box on Google!
Do you see my kids restating of questions?!?!? Yes, child you get an A+ and you will be my favorite forever! ;)

I know, that this was a ton of information, but let me tell you it is oh so worth it! It is the quickest, easiest, and most engaging way to assess!! Look at my kiddos LOVING their google forms!

You can even have them create their own quiz on what they read and then give it to another student. They LOVE it!

The possibilities are endless! You can give exit tickets, worksheets, videos, pictures, and the list goes on and on! Turn anything into this paperless Google Form!


  1. How many computers do you have in class? I currently have a 1:5 ratio... do you have suggestions on how to make sure everyone has enough class time to do the quizzes, forms, etc...

  2. Hello!! Right now, I have a 1:2 ratio and many times I can get enough computers to have a 1:1 ratio. I suggest that you do the forms in centers or have them do the quiz when they are done read, often times kids get done reading at different times. You could also have them working on an activity and having 5 students taking the quiz, when they are done they pass the computer to another student who has not taken the quiz and go back to working on the activity!

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