About Me

My friends, do any of these statements relate to you?!

+ I am busy and I don't have time to create everything for my classroom.
+ I want my students to be engaged and laugh everyday!
+ I want my students to have some AMAZING reading and writing skills!
+ I am TIRED! Teacher tired is no joke to me!
+ I am ready to rock my reading and writing lessons!

You're not alone! I am feeling what you're saying! I am here to help you and provide you with some empowering reading and writing lessons!

I'm Hannah Friend, The Friendly Teacher, and it's my passion to help busy teachers empower the readers and writers in their classrooms! After researching and watching what students enjoy and how to motivate readers and writers, I started this buisness to help other busy teachers give powerful and engaging lessons to their students. 

In my online store, I offer reading and writing products that are:
* easy to prepare
* engaging and fun for students
* help them meet the tough standards
* create better readers and writers

If you are ready to be that empowering, but less tired, reading and writing teacher head over to The Friendly Teacher and find out what I am talking about!

If you are still interested in what Hannah Friend is all about, then here are a few extras:

*I live for TARGET and coffee. Without those two things, I honestly don't know what I would do! Strolling through the dollar spot with a coffee in hand is my dream life!

*I love to travel!! The beach, the city, the mountains, anywhere that is new and exciting is my favorite place to be! 

*My heart gets giddy when I read children's books! Give me a 3rd grade book and I will be happy as can be! I especially love when I find one that I know my students are going to go crazy about!

*On that note, I am also a nerd for a professional development book! I love reading at my own pace and putting it into practice!

*My 3 F's are my life!!! But, Hannah what are the 3 F's?!? My family, friends, and faith are what make my world go round! I wouldn't make it without them!


  1. Thank you for blogging. This will be my first year teaching third grade. I have found your blog inspiring!

  2. Blogging about our work will make it more rewarding.. ;)