Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Quick and Easy Christmas Tree!

This is the easiest Christmas Tree you will ever make! All you have to do is give your students one square green piece of paper. Make sure it is square! 12 x 12 would be best! Then, they fold in half and cut until they have 4 triangles! When they are one they glue the triangles from greatest to least! After that you can decorate! (feel free to just show them the video to do it in your classroom)

Academic ways to use this:

1. Have them write the main idea on the star and details on the ornaments.
2. Have them write a math problem on the star and different ways to solve it on the ornaments.
3. Have them write a word problem on the star and then write the steps to solving it on the ornaments!

The ideas are endless! Quick easy and fun!

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